More Details

Added additional information and map links along with a photo of Robert Triplett.

More to see

I’ve added more photos and graphics to the History and Evolution page, including photos of Annette Wendt Reider, Don and Venice Michel, and WRWR (Georgia’s) broadcast license.

More Sound Clips

I’ve added three more sound clips: John Schaffner hosting a sportscast, Bill Beinke reading news headlines, and the station’s sign-off announcement — all from 1975-1976.

New Site! (It’s about time)

This site first went live in late December 2003 and stayed almost the same for sixteen years. I did little or no work on it—and my other sites—as my wife and I worked hard and spent time and resources raising our kids.

Now, happily, both kids are in the home stretch on the way to adulthood, so it’s much easier to find time to work on fun projects like this one.

So, at long last, here is the new, based on good old WordPress. I hope you like it.

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